Our stainless-steel tanks and pressure vessels used in the pharmaceutical industry are made with a focus on sterility and aseptic processes. These processes require that the tank be built with a smooth surface and come with good cleaning and drainage abilities.

The pharmaceutical industry is also characterized by its high demands on the documentation of the entire production process. That is why we can adapt at a moment’s notice. It allows us to be able to meet the judicial requirements for products, as well as the expectations of our customers regarding both production and documentation.

Our Systems Come with the Necessary Documentation

When it comes to getting the necessary documentation, we have you covered. Our documentation will cover everything from the design phase – including aspects such as amount of pressure, carrying load and heat exchange calculations – to the blueprints, invoices, and production control certifications.

In order to manage these documentation, JH Stålindustri has developed its own business database that handles the whole documentation process. Every step that went into making your tank or vessel is described in-depth in the documentation. You will also receive our supplier quality plan (SQP), which is another key document for pharmaceutical projects.

All our Systems, Tanks and Vessels are Delivered with Material Certificates

Everything we manufacture is always delivered with material certificates and, depending on the requirements, a non-destructive test certificate (NDT). This testing covers aspects such as pressure, penetration, radiographical and endoscopically. As part of the ‘Factories Accepted Tests’ (FAT) a riboflavin test can also be provided to demonstrate and document the tank’s cleaning ability.

We Will Help You Find the Right Connection for your Pressure Vessel

Having the right connection is fundamental for the cleaning and drainage ability of any tank. This is often a focus of communication and during the design phase with our customers, but we are always ready to share our expertise that we have acquired from many years of work in the industry.

Every design will always be in accordance with the recommendations of EHEDG.

We Polish the Surface Roughness, so the Product Will Suit Your Needs

For vacuums, pressure containers and tanks, the materials used in many cases can be thick and rough. However, this is often not in compliance with the required Ra surface roughness. In these cases, we can supply an automated polishing machine with which a surface of less than 0.4 μm can be obtained. If the requirements for the surface are higher, a more thorough electric surface treatment can be provided.

Custom Designed Solutions Made for their Indented use

JH Stålindustri specializes in the design of pressure tanks for the pharma industry. We have comprehensive knowledge that ensures that the product we provide is in line with the demands and expectations of our clients.

Design Benefits:

  • Custom pressure tanks specifically designed with expert know-how
  • Open dialogue about the construction of the product so it meets all the specific demands
  • Pressure containers can be adjusted to meet the most common requirements
  • JH Stålindustri can construct big as well as small pressure tanks
  • Horizontal or vertical design
  • Comprehensive experience with the ideal positioning and choice of connectors, mixers, CIP-bulbs/turbines, and other internal components
  • Optimal insulation and cooling or heating capes
  • Solutions are modified to be a part of the existing production
  • Pressure tanks can be delivered as a part of a mobile process unit incl. PLC heating or cooling

At JH Stålindustri we are Specialists with More Than 30 years of Experience

JH Stålindustri is known for our ability to manufacture pressure vessels in accordance with PED / EN-13445. The pressure vessel’s dimensions (height / diameter) can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. The internal surfaces are usually polished to Ra = 0.6-0.2 μm depending on the wishes of the customer. We are also one of the few manufacturers who can provide smaller pressure vessel that have been electro polished internally.

Each pressure vessels are delivered and manufactured with the necessary tank equipment to add value to your production line. This may include manholes, discharges, inlets, possible agitators, measuring probes for temperature and pressure, pH level gauges, and more.

Our expertise in pressure vessels has helped companies, in some cases, double their production and exponentially increase their profits. The pressure vessels we design are an investment that will very quickly pay for itself.

At JH Stålindustri, we manufacture and obtain all certificates and approvals required for the given pressure tank. We can offer, in collaboration with the end user, to design and manufacture mobile tank units with all necessary equipment and control, intended for research and product development in the laboratory.