Our stainless-steel processing units can be used in a wide range of production lines. It is a custom solution that can consist of a range of tanks, CIP solutions, tube systems and agitators. Furthermore, the unified processing plant can be controlled by a PLC.

Complete Process Units in Stainless-Steel

At JH Stålindustri we do not simply manufacture any old tank. We offer a complete solution adjusted to the needs of the individual customer. With our experience working with many different industries, we can offer unique design and delivery of complete process plants for any business. The tanks are manufactured in close corporation with the customer, so the final plant will meet the precise requirements that are placed required in terms of production, sanitation, and functions.

Expert Consultation for our Customers

At JH Stålindustri we are industry leaders in terms of experience with tanks and process equipment. This gives us the confidence needed to be able to give in-depth advice about every aspect of the process units we manufacture. We carefully listen and consider the needs of each customer and then provide advice and strategies to come up with a complete solution. This includes tanks with CIP plants, agitators, and PLC control.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Through the years we have made a lot of processing units for the food industry with built-in scraped surface heat exchangers. At JH Stålindustri we have developed the Rotapro scraped surface heat exchanger which is ideal for a process unit the need for heating or cooling of high viscosity products. The scraped surface heat exchanger is an integrated part of a wide range of process units we produce at JH Stålindustri because it can efficiently process products in a gentle way.

CIP plants

CIP plants are often part of the complete process unit. At JH Stålindustri we have developed our own “JH CIP Unit” that can efficiently cleans the entire processing plant. JH CIP units are made using a stainless-steel bottom frame, which is then mounted with the necessary number of tanks as required by the task. The unit can be stationary or mobile depending on size and capacity. The JH CIP unit can be “one string” without reclamation, or “several stringed” with reclamation.

Single-string system without recycling, stationary or mobile unit.

Single-string system with recycling, stationary unit.

Work with JH Stålindustri to Work with the Best in the Business

At JH Stålindustri we manufacture each process unit to meet the requirements and specifications of our customers. We do our best to make sure that all of the standards are met, and that our customers are left with a high-quality unit. That is why our customers can expect:

  • A thorough and in-depth dialogue between us and the client to make sure we are 100% aware of the customer’s needs and requirements for the tank
  • Full traceability on all materials
  • Making sure the customer understands all the technical details about the tanks. As an example, we use 3D drawings and models to educate customers.
  • Documentation for the manufacturing of the tanks. Among this documentation will be welding certificates and drain tests on surface, pressure, drainage and much more

Work with Premium and Certified Craftsmen

In order for us to create a high-quality processing unit, we only employ the best craftsmen. As a result, there is an incredibly high standard that our welders must live up to. As a result, they are capable when it comes to working with:

  • Different materials
  • Different welding methods
  • Different goods thickness

Each of our welders are certified. These certificates they have are valid for 3 years, and that is why we are confident that our welders are always updated with the newest working methods. This should also give you confidence that you are working with the best.

Contact JH Stålindustri today if you want to know more about our stainless-steel process units or our procedures. We can be reached via the telephone at +45 86 47 90 44 or by e-mailing us at jhstaal@jhstaal.com