A process tank is another word for pressure free tanks. Process tanks are the biggest of a group of stainless-steel tanks which includes mixing tanks, maturation tanks, fermentation tanks and draw-off tanks. The reason they are grouped together is because they are all tanks that are part of a production line in an industry. For instance, JH Stålindustri provides stainless-steel process tanks for the dairy industry and the food industry.

The Process Tank Must Suit its Purpose

For the most part, process tanks are indoor tanks that can be found in sizes ranging from 50 liters to 40,000 liters and can be produced with different specifications. As a result, each process tanks suits their specific production line. If you are curious about your specifications, JH Stålindustri can provide advice about the optimal specifications for your processing line. Here is a general overview of the specifications we offer:

  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Test Tap
  • Glass Watching – if necessary, with light
  • Pairing with sensors and signal emitters
  • CIP equipment
  • Agitators placement, at the top, on the side or as a bottom mounted magnet agitator


At JH Stålindustri we can manufacture process tanks to come with and without insulation. We manufacture each process tanks with our customers’ specifications in mind. That is why we put so much effort into open communication. We want to create the exact process tank that you need.


Optimal ventilation is an important part of a process tank. It helps them with multiple aspects of the production process. Pressure free tanks always require ventilation. Most commonly, the ventilation is usually placed at the top of the process tank.

At JH Stålindustri we have in-depth knowledge about the different industries we provide services to. That is why we are attentive to the need for ventilation. For example, the CIP-Process can provide challenges because there are special requirements related to cleaning. Figuring out a ventilation process to work without compromising the sanitation is a skill few can provide.

The Tank Must be Able to Withstand the Design Pressure

Tanks are defined as pressure free if the pressure inside does not rise above 0.5 bar grams. As a result, pressure free tanks can have a vacuum of -1 bar g and 0.5 bar g of excess pressure without needing any kind of special certifications. However, the tank must also be able to withstand its design pressure. To do this, the components must be chosen according to the desired design requirement.

The Production of Tanks is a Craft

At JH Stålindustri we can manufacture all kinds of tanks that fit unique processing lines. We manufacture the tanks based on our customers’ requirements for specifications. This places a great demand on us as a company and especially on our craftsmen. Our craftsmen are all certified in accordance with the PED requirements and can work with:

  • Different materials
  • Different welding methods
  • Different goods thickness

That is why our customers trust our brand to provide skilled hands when working on their tanks.

JH Stålindustri Is a Trusted Industry Leader

At JH Stålindustri we take pride in a high level of customer service. That is why our customers have high expectations to our work. Our process involves:

  • A thorough and in-depth dialogue between us and the client to make sure we are 100% aware of the customer’s needs and requirements for the tank
  • Full traceability on all materials
  • Making sure the customer understands all the technical details about the tanks. As an example, we use 3D drawings and models to educate customers.
  • Documentation for the manufacturing of the tanks. Among this documentation will be welding certificates and tests on surface, pressure, drainage and much more

If you have any questions, our knowledge about the processes used in different industries will be extremely helpful.

Contact JH Stålindustri today if you want to know more about our stainless-steel process tanks or our procedures. We can be reached via the telephone at +45 86 47 90 44 or by e-mailing us at jhstaal@jhstaal.com