At JH Stålindustri we manufacture tanks that are used in the fishing industry to produce fish oil and fish protein, among other uses. We can provide complete plants for protein extraction and treatment of the final product.

Enzymatic Hydrolysis

JH Stålindustri sells and manufactures complete process lines for extraction of fish proteins based on an enzymatic hydrolysis of fish waste. We have found a way to make it possible to optimize the production process so that the raw materials are not impaired during the hydrolysis process.

For this to happen, a batch bases process is the safest road to success. As a rule, all parts such as bone cuttings, guts and shells can be hydrolyzed. However, a test must be carried out in every single case to know the quality, purity, and taste of the raw products such as protein and oil.

The final product can again, depending on the quality, be sold as dietary supplement, flavor enhancer and/or animal feed.

From Fish Waste to Protein

Our customers in the fishing industry have had great success optimizing their business by utilizing the potential of previous unutilized fish waste. Through the enzymatic hydrolysis process, in which the plants from the JH Stålindustri are used, a clean and reusable protein can be created. In order to be sold, the fish waste must be fresh and maintain a high food quality. For this reason, the hydrolysis factory should be placed close to the place where the fish waste is created.

The capacity of these machines can start at app. 100 kg. pure protein pr. hour and can be scaled to several hundred kg. pr. hour. An annual waste load should be at a minimum of 4,000 T.

Treatment with Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

As a part of the hydrolysis plants, JH Stålindustri also offers scraped surface heat exchangers for heat treatment of the final product. This could for example be animal feed which needs to be heated and cooled during the manufacturing process in order to be sold. The scraped surface heat exchanger is thus an important part of the hydrolysis plant.

Complete cleaning with Efficient CIP-Processes

Most stainless-steel tanks that we provide for hydrolysis plants come with a built in CIP solution. This ensures an easy and efficient cleaning process that is time saving and guarantees the highest level of cleanliness for the plant. At JH Stålindustri we have a lot of experience with designing CIP tanks and can provide information about the exact solution that the customer requires.

Work with a Manufacturer that Knows the Fishing Industry

At JH Stålindustri we have devoted a lot of resources to establish ourselves as an expert of hydrolysis within the fishing industry. We can provide detailed insight into the processes that are required to utilize fish waste and the potential they provide.

Our professional support team is knowledgeable about the entire processes and how it can effectively be used in the fishing industry. If you have any questions regarding a hydrolysis plant, you can reach us by telephone at +45 86 47 90 44 or by e-mail at