About us

JH Stålindustri has been quality supplier of stainless-steel tanks since 1990.  We have a proud history within the production of process tanks, pressure vessels and storage tanks throughout many different industries.

The sizes of our deliveries vary from containers of 10 liters all the way up to 200,000 liters storage tanks. Furthermore, we are also qualified at manufacturing production equipment such as heat exchangers, CIP solutions and agitators that can be a part of the final manufactured tank.

That is why we also see ourselves as specialists in providing a complete solution for customers. From advising to calculation to the production of a fully customized unit, we know how to deliver excellence at each stage. We deliver products that work for all industries, but our customers are especially represented within water processing, pharmaceutical, dairy, food, chemical, and fishing industries.

Certified Craftmanship

The manufacturing of stainless-steel tanks is a special craft in which attention to detail and select skills are required. As a result, JH Stålindustri places the highest standards on the quality of the craftmanship. Everyone who works on our welding team is well-educated, certified, and experienced.

Furthermore, we constantly focus on continuing our education, and require our employees to get recertified every three years.

Professionalism and expertise are our trademarks and can be seen in every aspect of our work. Starting from the first meeting, to the initial 3D visualizations, to each calculation made, from every material used and up to the final product, you will be able to see these aspects of professionalism everywhere.

We Are Experts in Stainless-Steel

Stainless-steel is often used for products and production processes in which cleaning and managing corrosion are critical. Stainless-steel is, contrary to what the name indicates, not always stainless. Because when handling combinations of acidic liquids, such as chlorine or chlorine solutions, it can be broken down in a short time.

To manage this, professional assistance will be crucial for choosing the right alloy. That is why customer support is a natural focal point at JH Stålindustri. It has gotten to where all phases in a project will be supported by skilled and happy employees who work together to ensure the right solution for the customer.